About LaurDoone

My name is Lauren.   I go by the pseudonym LaurDoone because it became a nickname a friend gave me in high school after the Lorna Doone cookies. So, you may call me “Laur,” but only if I like you.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and graduated with a B.S. (insert joke here) in Communications from Boston University.  After living in downtown Philly, Northern VA, and the suburbs of Philly right down the street from my family (I needed free babysitting, OK?), I moved our entire life and family to the suburbs of Seattle, WA! (See Category “West Side Story” for that Adventure!) That adventure included a divorce, so I’m now a single Mommy and BACK ON THE EAST COAST!!!!

While the Adventures have previously stuck to specific life-changing events, I’m much more than a bride, a pregnant lady, and a mommy.  I’m a zen bitch. I like yoga but I’m best at it when I don’t have a glass of wine in hand. I like to meditate when I’m not too busy Facebooking. I hate stupid people but love all of (a nondenominational) God’s creatures. I have 3 Twitter accounts but barely use one. I like to eat healthy but sometimes… CHEESEBURGER. I laugh at life after my Irish temper wreaks havoc. I love to hang out on the beach slathered in SPF 50 with a margarita in hand and my family all around me. I like coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and wine in the evening. I love to talk and write about crazy stuff that happens in life, be it pissing myself while pregnant or dealing with crazy strangers on the street. Hence, blogging.