1. My heart goes out to you as I sit here with tears in my eyes..

    I wish I could wrap you in my arms and take away the sadness and the heartache. I wish I could snap my fingers and give you and your family back the years you deserve.

    As someone who sits in a circle of people watching someone they love deteriorate from this horrendous disease…and watching people she loves dearly deal with all of the crazy emotions and crazy struggles this comes on…my heart breaks even further. You’ve given my insight into my cousins life and articulated things I don’t think she’s ever been able to say about her Dad..and it is sadly comforting to know that there are other people who understand..who have been there at 2am when someone is lost and confused in their own house..when they sit there struggling to remember their childs name..or what city they’re in. When they’re angry that their parents will never get to travel the way they planned to after they retired or remember their childs weddings or even their childrens childhood..because it’s all just…lost in a void. All the while still trying to hold on to the person you know they were..that is still in them somewhere.

    I hope you’re able to find peace. I hope you’re able to heal.

    Sending you love, light and oh so many hugs.

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