The Other Adventurers

There have been many supporting characters throughout The Adventures. Some are no longer adventuring with me but will always remain a significant part of my life to date.

That said, let me introduce you to the two loves of my life. My little Adventurers or, as I prefer to call them, my Wildlings.


This is Wildling #1, also known as The Boo. He was born August 22, 2010. He is the star of the Chief Mommy Officer installment of The Adventures as well as my first born lovey dove. He makes me laugh every day. He’s in 1st grade now and instead of talking about poop and farts on the bus, he and his buds talk religion and politics. Go figure! He loves Sklylanders, dinosaurs, drawing, playing on the playground, running amok, and his baby sister.

Also goes by: Boo Bear, Skillet, Toots McGee, ABomb, and Aidan (that’s his real name… I think)



This is Wildling #2, also known as the Bean. She is the newest adventurer, born April 15, 2013. She has been smiling since birth and never stops talking, singing, and laughing. She’s a full-throttle threenager and pretends not to hear Mommy when she talks, which has made potty training AWESOME (read: an epic failure). She likes tutus, dancing, pretending to be animals, shoes, playing on the playground, running amok, and her big brother.

Also goes by: Luce, Lulu, Lucyfer, Tooterifica, and Lucy (that’s her real name I’m pretty darn sure)



The Wildlings are each other’s best friend, partner in crime, and sometimes worst enemy. They are the sweetest pair of siblings I could have imagined bringing into this world. They’re the first thought on each other’s mind when they wake up, are always asking for each other, and always conjuring up some way to drive Mommy insane.